Congrès 2017

Judith Germain

Nurse vice-president (FIQP)

Résidence Angelica Inc. ( Alliance interprofessionnelle de Montréal (FIQ) )

My name is Judith Germain and I have worked as a clinical nurse specialist at the Résidence Angelica for four years. Prior to that, I worked at the Centre hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal – CHUM, specifically at the Hôpital Saint-Luc. I am running for a position on the Executive Committee of the FIQP as nurse vice-president.

I have always been interested in the union movement without even knowing it. I have always defended workers’ rights, reported any discrepancies and inequalities due to poor care management in the healthcare field.
My mobilizing leadership caught the attention of the Résidence Angelica’s local union members. The president immediately asked me to join the local team. I have been the nurse vice-president for three years now.

I worked on several challenging cases with my team. I set up the first Committee on Care with the help of our FIQ consultant. This committee helped to bring to light the difficulties the care team was having due to the restructuring of the units. After the committee was set up, we started to see changes. I was becoming more of an example for employees who were seeing improvements in difficult situations.

I was also on the biggest raiding team in union history. This experience helped me grow with respect to unionism and exposed me to extremely important issues. That’s when I realized I had a lot to contribute to union life.

I think I am an excellent candidate for the FIQP Executive Committee.

Seconded by :

Marianne Use – Résidence Résidence Sorel-Tracy Inc. (Alliance interprofessionnelle de Montréal (FIQ))
Suzanne Morin – Centre d’Accueil Marcelle Ferron Inc. (Les Professionnel(le)s en Soins de Santé Unis (FIQ))