FIQ (Fédération Interprofessionnelle de la santé du Québec)

2008 ConventionRenewing our action together

A convention is a major event in the life of an organization, because the delegates are invited to reflect and define the orientations for the years ahead. Once again at this Convention, the FIQ’s orientations will surely be influenced by everyone’s concern to build a union vision that promises hope and that reflects the image of the Federation’s members and union reps. The 2008 Convention is especially striking in that it is the first to be held under the FIQ banner.

The current context is definitely not to the labour movement’s advantage. The FIQ, like all other labour organizations, is operating in a political and economic environment that is clearly unfavourable. Indeed, for many years, it has had to fight energetically to counter multiple attacks by neoliberal governments, whose values and actions are in complete contradiction with its own.

This crisis of the labour movement is not specific to Quebec, however. In fact, it is world-wide, so much so that it has stimulated reflection by several researchers who want to provide solutions that would enable organizations to renew their practice and occupy the place they deserve. Nonetheless, despite a difficult context, the FIQ and other labour organizations have been able to preserve certain gains and mitigate the worst.

Thus, labour organizations are at the crossroads. The FIQ considers that it must be proactive and take an introspective approach so that it makes informed decisions. It proposes to review its methods and operation in view of creating better synergy among the different levels of the organization and promoting active participation by the maximum number of people. By increased involvement and re-appropriation of union action by the members, the FIQ is convinced that it will be possible to gain ground on this booby-trapped battlefield.

This analysis seems to be shared by other labour organizations. At its most recent Convention, the CSN clearly stated its desire to renew its action and its commitment. The APTS has emphasized that it is essential to create alliances to ensure bargaining power.

From June 2 to 6, 2008, the FIQ delegates will meet in Saint-Hyacinthe to deliberate on “renewing our action together”.

Yours in solidarity,