FIQ (Fédération Interprofessionnelle de la santé du Québec)

This is my last one!

This is my last one!

This blog will be my last one. After nine years as president of the FIQ, I am retiring on December 1st, at the end of our 11th Convention.

Over the course of my nursing career and as a union representative of this magnificent organization, I have seen some things. The space I am given for this blog doesn’t allow me to tell you all of it, but it does afford me the opportunity to make some comments.

Three, nearly four years ago, at our last Convention, the FIQ represented 62,000 healthcare professionals. Today, there are now more than 75,000 that are members of our organization, almost all the healthcare professionals working in the public health network. The FIQ has become an invaluable spokesperson in the health network. This comes with major responsibilities.

We care for patients who are first citizens. Our role and responsibility are to work in advocating for our patients, but also for all the Québec people. The leadership we have, goodwill that we have maintained these last few years and out credibility, have to be put into service for the entire Québec community.

We can’t just sit back and say that it doesn’t concern us. We can’t do it in an ideological fashion, but must continue to do it pragmatically. Obviously, by continuing to defend our values. Certainly, by continuing to defend our ideas and ideals, but it has to be done in a convincing manner.
These last few years, we put forth ideas that are likely to help society progress and change the world. We have used strategies to do the right things, do some good. I am very proud of what we have accomplished.

We have pushed, we have disrupted, and that has paid off.
With the FIQ, the healthcare professionals are well represented. They are at home, in a professional union for professionals.

The FIQ will continue to make history, shape the future. The FIQ will continue to fight for care on a human scale, for the patients and healthcare professionals.

I will hand over the torch to my successor at the end of next week. A strong and well-prepared succession. I am not laying down my weapons, I will always be a nurse and progressive union representative. But now, I will do it differently. As a citizen. As a retired grandmother.

I thank the FIQ members and union reps for their support. It was because of them that I had the inner strength necessary for leading all our battles.

Thank you!

Keep up the good work!