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Eliminate mandatory overtime: we are continuing the battle and have to maintain the pressure

Eliminate mandatory overtime: we are continuing the battle and have to maintain the pressure

Summer has been hot, very hot. Especially for the healthcare professionals who have increased working hours and taken over for their colleagues during their well-deserved vacation. You tell us every day and the provincial day without MOT on April 8 showed this: you can no longer tolerate it, and it has been a long time.

The many projects conducted by the local teams to end MOT since the spring, in particular reviewing the job structures and upgrading positions to full time, should produce positive results this fall. We hope to reduce the amount of mandatory overtime significantly. After making many promises, Minister McCann has no other choice but to deliver the goods. The healthcare professionals have to see their working conditions quickly improve on that level, and see their workload decrease.

To continue delivering this message and keep up the pressure, the FIQ is launching an ad campaign on the web, which will continue until mid September. The impacts of MOT on the personal lives, not only of the healthcare professionals, but also their loved ones, has been clearly demonstrated. It can no longer continue!

This campaign will be rolled out on all social networks, as well as the FIQ’s new Instagram account.

Everyday impacts of MOT

The different versions of the campaign – that you will see on social media and on the major Québec media websites – highlight a few everyday challenges of this scourge. By clicking on the ads, you will go to our dedicated web page which points out the many FIQ actions on this subject.

When a healthcare professional has to increase work hours, often without any advance notice, it is not only her psychological and physical health that suffers, her relationship, children, loved ones, friends and her entire community suffer.

On the eve of the negotiations for the new collective agreement, this unbearable reality must still be documented. Moreover, we need you to do this.

Of course, healthcare professionals know the ins and outs of this management method, but you have to continue to record the difficulties you have in your everyday lives because of MOT.

Tell your stories, ask your loved ones to speak out and demand immediate improvements in your working conditions.

The FIQ is on Instagram

After Facebook and Twitter, the FIQ is adding another feather to its cap: an Instagram account will be added to our voice on social media.

Thanks to this visual medium, we will document our actions, demonstrations and campaigns with strong images. The stories are also interesting educational and interactive opportunities for the public who want to learn more about the healthcare professionals’ reality. Thanks to #, the centralized information will allow us to identify the trends.

This is another of the initiatives for making our voice heard, even louder.

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