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Spotlight on key OHS actors

Spotlight on key OHS actors

The 4th edition of the Network of OHS Union Representatives was held on October 10 and 11, 2018. It was the first held since the pilot project changed from an annual event into a permanent network within the organization. This edition’s theme was Spotlight on key OHS actors. Nearly 160 participants gathered to discuss their occupational health and safety concerns, expand their knowledge, develop tips and learn about new tools. Participants will be ready to take local OHS interventions to the next level.

2018 OHS Week

With just a few days before OHS Week, the OHS Committee members decided to present the content developed around the annual theme Mental Health: Is your workplace safe? at the Network. Healthcare professionals received a brochure and were asked to fill out an assessment table that would help them find out if their workplace is psychologically healthy. The table allows them to identify protective factors that are present or missing in a work environment. The FIQ and FIQP encourage all members to participate because the results will be used to draft an overview of the situation in health institutions.

Safe healthcare professional-to-patient ratios

Safe healthcare professional-to-patient ratios, one of the FIQ and FIQP’s flagship projects, were presented at the Network. Ratios ensure there are teams with a required staff minimum caring for a group of patients with similar health conditions. This minimum can be increased based on patients’ needs, under special circumstances.
The Network’s participants discussed the 17 ratio projects underway, making plenty of connections between the ratios and occupational health and safety.