Congrès 2017

Lyne Guerra

Licensed Practical Nurse Vice-President (FIQP)

Villa Medica Inc. (Alliance interprofessionnelle de Montréal (FIQ))

Hello dear union reps and healthcare professional colleagues,

My name is Lyne Guerra, Licensed Practical Nurse, Secretary of the Alliance interprofessionnelle de Montréal (AIM) executive committee since last April and local president at Villa Medica inc. since 2011. I have previously held the positions of assistant secretary and vice-president for the rehabilitation centres. I have also been on several sub-committees which were close to my heart, in particular that of the AIM licensed practical nurse.

I am quite motivated and enthusiastic about running for the position of licensed practical nurse vice-president on the FIQP Executive Committee.
I believe that I am the right person with all my experience from my years of unionism since I started in the health network, and I pledge to represent you well.

I am a dedicated, persistent and determined person with good listening skills, and values of justice, equity and transparency are very important to me.

With successive reorganization after reorganization of our health network for more than a decade, and visions of the governments in power who constantly direct the public towards the private sector, I will be very determined and stimulated for the next provincial negotiations and raiding period to enlarge our new FIQP Federation.

To be able to get good working conditions for all the healthcare professionals in the private and private, subsidized institutions who are not yet unionized with us.
I believe and am convinced that all healthcare professionals are entitled to them. I am already stimulated thinking about being able to be one of the pioneers who can give this to them.

It is together that we can succeed in getting good working conditions regardless of which setting we work in!

Thank you for your support and trust.

Seconded by:

Judith Germain – Résidence Angelica Inc. (Alliance interprofessionnelle de Montréal (FIQ))
Manon Deschamps – Centre Le Cardinal Inc. (Syndicat régional des professionnelles en soins du Québec (FIQ))