Congrès 2017

Patricia Conrath

Nurse vice-president (FIQP)

Résidence Riviera Inc. (Alliance interprofessionnelle de Montréal (FIQ))

I have been a nurse for 35 years. I have been working with seniors in CHSLDs for 26 years. I started my career in the Sainte-Justine hospital before working in the long-term care centre where I’ve been working since 1991. I have been the local president since 2007 and was alone in the union until November 2014. I care about the nursing practice in CHSLDs. I know the challenges we face day after day in our line of work. I participated in two negotiations, in 2010 and 2015. I learned a lot and tried to raise awareness around my members’ concerns who work in EPCs, which are often little known. I would like to work to improve our conditions and gain recognition for the work we do with vulnerable seniors. I am ready to work very hard to advance our practice in the CHSLDs and to have its true value acknowledged. So, I am asking for your support. I am also lucky to be the mother of four children and have three grandchildren.

Seconded by

Isabelle Roy – CHSLD Age3 Inc. (Syndicat régional des professionnelles en soins du Québec (FIQ))
Gaétane Marleau – Manoir St-Patrice Inc. (Alliance interprofessionnelle de Montréal (FIQ))