Syndicat des professionnelles en soins infirmiers et cardiorespiratoires du CUSM



Five (5) hospitals – Montreal General Hospital(MGH), Royal Victoria Hospital(RVH), Montreal Neurological Hospital(MNH), Montreal Children’s Hospital(MCH) and the Montreal Thoracic Institute(MTI) – merge under one management and takes on a new name: McGill University Health Center (MUHC). This mega hospital was to be a magnate hospital center geared to attract more health care professionals and research. A specific land site had been chosen upon which a grand building was to be built upon.

All five sites are under separate union accreditations. The RVH and MCH are under separate independant unions while the MTI, MNH and MGH are under separate union accreditations , they are covered by the “United Nurses’ Union”, a regional union, and all affiliated with the FIQ.

As the MUHC is now under one employer, the five unions met and judged it prudent to merge into one union accreditation to facilitate labour relations and negotiations. A vote is put in place and the members agreed with a high majority to merge with the RVH union, ” Syndicat des Infimières et Infimiers du CUSM ” (SIICUSM).

Under Bill 30, each health care establishment had to hold no more than four (4) union accreditations. We are part of Category 1 which includes nurses, nursing assistants, baby nurses, respiratory therapists and perfusionists.

A vote was held with various job titles and at the MUHC, Category 1 is represented by the SIICUSM. The name is subsequently changed to “Syndicat des Professionnelle de Soins des Infirmieres et Cardio-Repiratoires du CUSM” (SPSICR-CUSM) with the labour commissioner.


The Quebec government under Mr. Jean Charest decreed that the Montreal General Hospital had to remain in place as the trauma center. The MUHC would be composed of two (2) sites: the MGH (Mountain Site) and the Glen site.


The same government decides to integrate the Lachine Hospital Centre & Camille-Levebvre Pavillon with the MUHC, becoming the sixth site.