FIQ (Fédération Interprofessionnelle de la santé du Québec)

Federal elections: the time has come to free ourselves from the Conservatives!

There will be a spring election – it’s confirmed! The last Canadian general election only dates back to October 2008, but apart from the major expenditures it represents, we must see this as an opportunity to get rid of a government that has done enough damage.

We must always remember that only 35% of Canadians voted for the Conservatives and that 40% of the population did not turn out to cast a ballot.

Found guilty for contempt of Parliament – a first in history – the Harper government no longer has the confidence of the House of Commons. Or of Quebecers either! How could it be otherwise when the Conservatives are racking up retrograde policies, undermining freedom of expression, showing a flagrant lack of transparency, wasting public funds for their own purposes, granting tax cuts to corporations at the expense of the least advantaged, showing hypocrisy and favouritism, and constantly attacking democracy?
The Federation promotes the rights of its members as women, workers and citizens. It basis its action on the defence of principles such as justice, solidarity, fairness and democracy, values that unfortunately are absent from the Harper government’s policies. This May 2 it will be time to free ourselves from the Conservatives!