FIQ (Fédération Interprofessionnelle de la santé du Québec)

When an ideology threatens our rights

As expected,  the infamous Woodworth Motion was defeated on September 26. I celebrated for just a moment. However, when I looked at the results of the vote more closely, a shiver ran down my spine.

When I realized that almost one-third of the MPs in the House of Commons in Ottawa stood up in support of a project that would inevitably question the fundamental right of women to control their own bodies, a right acquired following a long struggle, and an issue we believed settled once and for all… I was floored!

How can such a thing happen in 2012? How can the Minister for the Status of Women herself vote in favour of this flagrant attack against those whose interests she is supposed to represent? It should be made clear that the ideology of Rona Ambrose is incompatible with her role in this ministry.

With such a result, the positions of the Canadian religious right are clear. Furthermore, its representatives did not waste any time calling on the troops to step up the fight. I worry about the future in this context.

The FIQ will be alert and women need to be vigilant and stand up to anything that could undermine, even threaten our rights. Thus, it remains imperative to recognize and support the work of feminist groups on this subject, the very people that the Harper Government recently cut funding for.

Mr. Harper, you can easily claim that you have no intention of re-opening the debate on abortion. I no longer believe you and I cannot help thinking that you have finally found the means by which you will be able to wash your hands of it. Moreover, you will not be the first to lie down and let others take on the dirty work.

Am I mistaken? If yes, prove it and hurry up and appoint a minister for the Status of Women who will really be committed to defending the rights of women, all women.