FIQ (Fédération Interprofessionnelle de la santé du Québec)

Bill No. 176 on labour standards: a failed operation

“The government promised major progress but instead created a bill that won’t change much of anything. We had high expectations. We will inevitably be disappointed.” That’s how FIQ President Nancy Bédard reacted to the tabling of Bill No. 176, An Act to amend the Act respecting labour standards and other legislative provisions mainly to facilitate family-work balance.

“The measures intended to improve family-work balance are puny. The government generated a lot of noise over very little. All the same, we would like to acknowledge the recognition of an absence owing to domestic violence, as well as the addition of the concept of a caregiver,” said Nancy Bédard.

All in all, the FIQ is not very impressed with the provisions on overtime. “Considering the current crisis over mandatory overtime for healthcare professionals in the health network, we were expecting much stronger measures. But that’s not the result. There are definitely some small advancements, but there’s nothing that will eliminate mandatory overtime. Now, we would like to be able to express our point of view and have parliamentarians listen,” concluded Nancy Bédard.