FIQ (Fédération Interprofessionnelle de la santé du Québec)

Exhausted: yes. Resigned: no. A call to mobilize!

Exhausted: yes. Resigned: no. A call to mobilize!

The 15th edition of the Youth Network was held on May 30 and 31 when nearly 100 participants took part in the conferences, activities and other presentations. Noteworthy is that it was the 1st edition since the Youth Committee’s recommendations were adopted at the December, 2017 Convention, for the Youth Network to henceforth be open to those age 35 or younger, instead of age 30 or younger.

With the theme, “Exhausted: yes. Resigned: no. A call to mobilize!” the goal of this Network was to make the young participants aware of their immense power to be able to change things and improve their daily lives and that of the people they deal with. How to do it and what to start with to generate mobilization in our ranks? Those are a few of the important questions that the various speakers used to connect with the union representatives.

Over the last few months, the depth of the healthcare professionals’ distress has been revealed to the general public. Several FIQ and FIQP members have attested to their exhaustion and setbacks in their working conditions. These many disclosures, particularly in social media, have been a great inspiration for the Youth Committee members who wanted to use this Network to explain their many possible implications and consequences.

The president of the FIQ, Nancy Bédard, wanted to be present and took this opportunity to discuss one of the organization’s important files with the young people present: the healthcare professional-to-patient ratios. “This file belongs to you. Me, you gave me the mandate to fight this battle, be your voice”, she reminded them.

Nathalie Lévesque, interim political officer for the Youth Committee, concluded the two special days of the spring 2018 Youth Network stating the following: “As young healthcare professionals and union representatives, you have to make known and state loud and clear your desire for change in order that the government as well as those who manage your workplaces have more respect for the work you do every day for the people of Québec. They also have to more respect for your personal and family life. Do not be afraid to contaminate your colleagues and others around you. Speak up and be heard!”