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Interview with Pénélope McQuade

Interview with Pénélope McQuade

Public figure Pénélope McQuade openly calls herself a feminist and often gives women air time on her show to speak their minds.

She was a guest speaker at the recent Women’s Network, and shared ideas on current feminist issues, such as intersectionality, women’s role in the media, stereotypes associated with women’s anger and mobilization driven by collective anger.

Ms. McQuade views society and its diversity from her feminist perspective, which informs every sphere of her life. She is no longer afraid to express her feminist beliefs in her work and no longer feeds into rhetoric that perpetuates stereotypes. She believes that all women are role models in their own right and contribute to our collective emancipation.

According to Pénélope McQuade, there is strength behind our anger. When we pool our anger, it becomes powerful fuel for mobilization. Just think of the suffragettes, the #MeToo movement, black feminism, etc. To quote her on anger and mobilization: “Throwing flowers in the street is no longer enough.”