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Democracy is slipping away: Millennials FIGHT BACK!

Democracy is slipping away: Millennials FIGHT BACK!

The 16th edition of the Youth Network was largely inspired by the recent Quebec elections. Throughout the election campaign, we could see just how much influence youth have on politics. Their ideas, concerns, ambitions and vision of society literally shook up some parties and forced others to question their platforms. It’s undeniable: from now on youth are a major political force with whom politicians have no choice but to negotiate. Over 100 young participants attended the Network, exploring the topic of “Democracy is slipping away: Millennials FIGHT BACK!” They talked, learned, networked and deepened their knowledge through round table discussions, conferences, panels and other original activities.

The term millennials designates youth born between 1982 and 2004. Now, without resorting to generalities, it seems clear that this generation’s values differ from those of previous generations and that it questions the decisions society has made in the past. This helps to shake things up and we’re all the better for it!

The Youth Network on November 22 and 23 was the perfect occasion to cover a wide range of topics: how youth can make their voices heard, the scope of the global movement started by millennials, the impact of tax havens and socioeconomic inequality on democracy, electoral reform, the youth vote at the last Quebec elections, etc.

“What an inspiring Network it’s been. There’s no question that youth is tomorrow’s driving force. Your participation in politics, whether it be electoral, union or partisan, is a rich contribution to society. Politics is kind of like a tug of war. To win the game and pull society in the direction we’d like to see it go, we need a large team fighting for the same ideals. When you get involved in politics, you join these ranks and add strength to the movement,” said Cynthia Pothier, member of the Provincial Executive Committee.