FIQ (Fédération Interprofessionnelle de la santé du Québec)

A new ratios project at CHSLD Champlain-de-Chanoine-Audet

A new ratios project at CHSLD Champlain-de-Chanoine-Audet

A healthcare professional-to-patient ratios project was implemented at the Centre d’hébergement Champlain-de-Chanoine-Audet, a private subsidized institution in Saint-Romuald.

Un nouveau projet ratios au CHSLD Champlain-de-Chanoine-Audet

The ratios are intended to give back optimal practice conditions to the healthcare professionals, protect patients against poor organization of work and combat the staffing shortage.

Begun on December 3rd, this project will cover a period of 4 months during which the work teams in dyad will be staffed with more personnel. There will be more nurses or assistant-head-nurses and licensed practical nurses on days, evenings and nights to give safe, quality care.

The healthcare professionals at the CHSLD are motived to participate and the union team hopes this experience, which is giving them hope, will continue in the long term.