FIQ (Fédération Interprofessionnelle de la santé du Québec)

COVID-19: Consulting and listening to the healthcare professionals!

COVID-19: Consulting and listening to the healthcare professionals!

Since the government declared a public health emergency in Québec, nearly a month ago, you have stepped up in great numbers, constantly adapting to Mr. Arruda and Ms. McCann’s instructions, the employers’ many directives, changes in your personal life, changes in your schedule, days off or workplace and the unpredictable coronavirus as the ringleader.  You have learned to live with the worry, while still being healthcare professionals.

Some may be surprised at how much anxiety you have and alarms you have raised. However, you were trained to give good care. It’s precisely because you are competent and responsible that you have quickly reported the system’s failures, lack of clear procedures, lack of protective equipment, going home with your uniforms to the people you care about, the need to be informed and trained.

It’s precisely because you are competent and responsible that you noticed the system’s weak areas and asked us to take quick action with the ministry so as not to miss anything, because, every day, you are reminded of your responsibility to prevent deaths.

In fact, this is not the first time you have been worried. For years, you have been denouncing unacceptable situations that endanger the quality of care. Unfortunately, this crisis has shed light on your claims and forced the government to face reality and act quickly. You knew that the stability of work teams instead of unlimited mobility, safe healthcare professional-to-patient ratios, enough tools and equipment and an organization of work that meets patients’ needs, are critical factors.

In March 2018, many of you described your working and practice conditions in detail to the FIQ. Everywhere in Québec institutions and particularly in CHSLDs and seniors’ centres, you made it clear how important it is to have the means and how necessary it is to have the time to talk to patients, give safe, quality care. Because of your expertise, we have been able to set up, with the Ministry of Health and Social Services, 16 successful ratio projects.

Today, we have to admit the Minister of Health, Danielle McCann, must urgently rectify the situation in all the healthcare institutions and CHSLDs in Québec by quickly implementing the measures we recommend. You are the experts who knew before anyone else what needed to be put in place.

Before and now, you have shown that people need to listen to you!