FIQ (Fédération Interprofessionnelle de la santé du Québec)

A troubling situation

A troubling situation

The current surge in cases of COVID-19 and other respiratory infections suggests that there will be a marked increase in the number of cases in the population and, consequently, an increase in hospital admissions, which will lead to an increased workload for healthcare professionals. The Federations welcome the recommendations of Public Health to reduce the circulation of the virus in the population such as wearing masks in public places, reminding people to be vaccinated and asking symptomatic people to stay at home.

The FIQ and FIQP believe that the infection prevention and control measures that existed during previous waves of COVID-19 should be reinstated to protect healthcare professionals and the entire frontline:

  • Respecting hot, warm and cold zones in care settings, dedicated teams in warm and hot zones;
  • Reducing staff mobility;
  • Guaranteeing appropriate air quality in care settings.

Institutions must also ensure to implement strict monitoring of the entrance to care settings, in particular by identifying symptomatic people and respecting the current positions of the CNESST on respiratory protection with risk-appropriate protection from suspected or positive COVID-19 patients.

The FIQ and FIQP are very concerned that the MSSS and health institutions reintegrate pregnant and immunosuppressed workers. The precautionary principle should be a guide in choosing safe assignments and the attending physician’s opinion must be respected.