FIQ (Fédération Interprofessionnelle de la santé du Québec)

Get informed, prepared and mobilized!

Get informed, prepared and mobilized!

In our fight for better working conditions, it is extremely important to maintain solid bargaining power. Faced with the Legault government, which has done everything it can to overstep the Negotiating Committee duly appointed by the FIQ members’ representatives, we must remain united, determined and mobilized. 

We cannot make any gains without strong mobilization from each of us. 

From the development of the booklet of demands (in which you played an essential role) to the consultation underway on the employer offers, we are doing everything we can to keep you informed and actively involved in the negotiation process. Because information is power.

Now it is time to turn this power into concrete, visible actions. After the consultation on the employer offers, you will be called on to participate in various mobilization actions. Be ready to answer the call of your local union representatives and to support them in their work. 

We will build our bargaining power together!

The intensification of our mobilization must be in alignment with current negotiations. We need to apply enough pressure to push the employer party closer to our legitimate demands while undermining their attempts to label us as an inflexible and irresponsible organization. 

Mobilization is built with an escalation of pressure tactics: it is time to turn up the pressure with the summer season approaching. The progression of our mobilization is paving the way to the ultimate pressure tactic, if it proves necessary: going on strike. It is all together that we will exert this ultimate pressure tactic. Meanwhile at the bargaining table, your Negotiating Committee’s determination appears to have paid off. The discussions are well underway, even though there are still significant gaps between our demands and the government offers.