FIQ (Fédération Interprofessionnelle de la santé du Québec)

Exhausted: yes. Resigned: no. A call to mobilize!

The 15th edition of the Youth Network was held on May 30 and 31 when nearly 100 participants took part in the conferences, activities and other presentations. Noteworthy is that it was the 1st edition since the Youth Committee’s recommendations were adopted at the December, 2017 Convention, for the Youth Network to henceforth be open to those age 35 or younger, instead of age 30…

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A call for disobedience!

Disobedience is affirmative action. An act of professional leadership. Not directed against something, but for something. It’s our ability to see, criticize and denounce. For healthcare professionals, showing disobedience is first and foremost feeling free to say NO. It is refusing to practice in unsafe working conditions, refusing to be limited to offering poor quality care because of budget cuts and mismanagement. That was the…

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2018 elections: what is the current political landscape?

At the most recent Youth Network, the participants received an abridged version of the Short Course in Intellectual Self-Defence set up and offered by the FIQ Sociopolitical Sector. First, the young union reps were asked to write, in one word, their definition of the term “politics” on a banner. Deception, mentor, hypocrite, etc.: most of the words chosen flawlessly depict the cynicism in the group…

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