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Mom, what does “paid a woman’s wage” mean?

In Quebec, jobs that are traditionally held by women are not paid the same as those held by men. That’s right, wage discrimination is still very much a reality today, my dear, even in 2021.

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Public-sector contract talks : “We’re done being paid a woman’s wage!”

It’s the key message of a broad TV ad campaign launched by the APTS-FIQ alliance as important discussions about salary conditions begin at the bargaining table.

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The CNESST must enforce Act respecting occupational health and safety

In reaction to a letter sent to the CNESST urging it to go back on its decision regarding the use of N95 masks in warm areas, the FSSS-CSN, FIQ and FIQP believe that the CNESST must respect the ruling issued by Judge Bouvier on March 23.

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Ms. Lebel, the negotiations are far from over!

It’s been several weeks since the FIQ and FIQP delegates adopted a tentative agreement on working conditions. However, the negotiations are still not over, a year and a half after the union demands were filed. On March 31, 2021, the negotiations on the intersectoral matters finally began.

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Policy on residential and long-term care and services—changes expected

The FIQ and FIQP react to the publication of the first policy on residential and long-term care and services: living environments made for us

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