FIQ (Fédération Interprofessionnelle de la santé du Québec)

End of the public health emergency: unions denounce the government’s authoritarian attitude

The public health emergency is over, but the government wants to keep all of its powers to issue ministerial orders for the working conditions of health and social services network staff until December 31.

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The FIQP demands immediate actions to maintain the care and services in residential accommodations

Effective measures for acting quickly on the attraction and retention of the workforce are known to government authorities, as they have been the subject of consensus among health network partners and external observers..

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COVID-19: Two years of crisis in the health network

Since the WHO declared a pandemic two years ago today, women in the health network across Canada have seen their working conditions deteriorate at an alarming rate.

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For an inclusive health network

Talking about intersectionality is complex and brings its own set of questions. Intersectionality involves being sensitive to the different oppressions experienced by the people around us and being aware of the interactions between the different systems of oppression: racism, colonialism, sexism, capitalism, etc.

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