FIQ (Fédération Interprofessionnelle de la santé du Québec)

Isabelle Roy

Trésorière (FIQP)

CHSLD Age3 Inc.

I have been a licensed practical nurse since 2005 and have always worked in CHSLDs, mostly for the CHSLD Âge3. In 2015 I discovered a new passion as a union delegate when I was elected as a local officer and status of women representative. Then, in 2016, I became treasurer for the SRPSQ and was then elected as president of the SRPSQ in 2018. I am on my second term for the FIQP Internal Audit Committee and currently on the FIQ strategic planning committee as a FIQP representative. I am a determined, energetic, accessible person with a strong belief in justice and equity. And now, I am running for the position of FIQP treasurer because I believe that the experience I have gained over the last years makes me a great candidate for this position.

The pandemic over the last couple of years has clearly shown us the weaknesses in the health network, especially in our private and private subsidized institutions. And I sincerely believe that the FIQP has a role to play in helping rebuild the situation. I would like to take on this challenge at the FIQP.

Seconded by:

Sonia Mancier
Les Professionnel(le)s en Soins de Santé Unis (FIQP)

Judith Mercier
Syndicat régional des professionnelles en soins du Québec (FIQP)