FIQ (Fédération Interprofessionnelle de la santé du Québec)

Justine Shepherd [Elected by acclamation]

Secretary (FIQP)

Vigi Santé Ltée (Montréal)


I have worked as a licensed practical nurse at the Vigi Santé Montréal since 2007, been a union rep since 2008, and have had the role of local president since July 2019. I have also been the secretary on the UHCP executive committee since 2020 and joint officer for info-mob.

I would like to take on a new challenge in my union career, which is why I am submitting my candidacy for the position of FIQP secretary. My experience and adaptability make me a great candidate.
I firmly believe in our Federation and its values and would like to make my contribution. Defending our members and their working conditions is also what motivates me to run for this position.

For all these reasons, I would really appreciate your support.

Seconded by

Sonia Mancier
Vigi Santé Ltée (Montérégie)

Martine Tremblay
Groupe Champlain Inc. (Montérégie)