FIQ (Fédération Interprofessionnelle de la santé du Québec)

Maude Girard [1st substitute]

Youth Committee

CISSS des Laurentides

I would like to submit my candidacy for the position on the Youth Committee. Licensed practical nurse 2010, I am passionate about my profession and have been an engaged union rep for several years now. As such, I would like to submit my candidacy for the Youth Committee.

Youth are the voice of a new generation and the future of our union structures. It is important to increase youth participation to mobilize young healthcare professionals. The next generation of young union reps is important to me and I would like to get more involved.

Professional experience:

• Officer for harassment and violence 2020
FIQ-SPSL Local Unit Saint-Jérôme 2019 to present
• Officer for OWPP and the committee on care 2019-2020
• Interim replacement for communication, mobilization, and union life 2019-2020
• Licensed practical nurse CISSS des Laurentides since 2010
• Youth Committee 2021 FIQ-SPSL

Union training:

• New delegate
• Introduction to union life

I hope that my candidacy will get your attention.

Seconded by

Annie Bouchard
CISSS des Laurentides

Lynda Groulx
CISSS des Laurentides