FIQ (Fédération Interprofessionnelle de la santé du Québec)

2018 International Women’s Day: Feminists until things change

2017 was quite the year for feminists and their allies all across the world. It was incredible to see thousands of women summon the courage and make the effort to speak up about violent situations they had faced. While this movement was both overwhelming and brimming with hope, in 2018 our energy should be devoted to taking action. But let’s be careful not to forget last year’s efforts. With this in mind, the Collectif 8 mars chose “Feminists until things change” for this year’s International Women’s Day theme. It is a call to everyone to truly put the work in to achieve true gender equality. Let’s use this election year and every platform to send the message that we haven’t achieved gender equality yet. We need to continue to unite, with the help of our allies, to take collective steps toward a better society.

This year, the Federation and healthcare professionals will have to tackle a lot of pressing issues, especially safe ratios. We need to remember that every issue we fight for must be approached from a feminist perspective, after all, isn’t the health care profession 90% female? So, take a feminist approach to all of your projects. A feminist approach in the fight for safe ratios works towards allowing healthcare professionals to have a better work-family balance, which is a long-standing feminist struggle in itself. Another reason why we will be “Feminists until things change.”

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Copyrights: The Collectif 8 mars. Agency: UPPERKUT. Artistic direction and graphic design: Noémie Darveau

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