FIQ (Fédération Interprofessionnelle de la santé du Québec)

Dear healthcare professionals,

Whether you are a nurse, licensed practical nurse, respiratory therapist or clinical perfusionist, I want to express my commitment to you and tell you that I know just how hard you work and that you deserve recognition. In late fall, we will negotiate your working conditions with the government. Let’s face it, we’re starting an arm-wrestling match, and we need you. To represent you and your colleagues well, we are holding an online consultation from September 10 to 22, 2022 and we are inviting you to participate. This is important for you, your colleagues, your union and the whole FIQ team!

Julie Bouchard, President

How to participate in the consultation?

We invite you to give your email address to your union representatives at your workplace before the end of August. This is essential so you can participate in the consultation.

On September 10, 2022, you will receive a one-time link by email. This will allow you to participate in the electronic consultation, composed mainly of questions with a choice of answers. There will be a space at the end of the questionnaire for you to write your comments.

Don’t hesitate to get information from your union representatives and to contact the FIQ.

Why is the consultation important to the negotiation project?

  • The members’ needs and interests are the basis of our provincial negotiations and each member must have a say in moving the project forward.

  • Consequently, a consultation with the majority of members is part of a democratic exercise essential to negotiations.

  • The FIQ will do whatever it takes to obtain gains at the bargaining table to improve the nurses’, licensed practical nurses’, respiratory therapists’ and clinical perfusionists’ working conditions. Your opinion is essential to get the gains you want and really need.

The consultation is a part of the negotiation process. This process has several phases. The main phases are the prep phase, active negotiation phase and conclusion. Currently, and up until the union demands are submitted in early November, the FIQ will be in negotiation prep mode.

The Negotiating Committee

Click on this link to learn about the Negotiating Committee’s mandate and composition.