FIQ (Fédération Interprofessionnelle de la santé du Québec)

Local Nego – Legal framework

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The main laws that govern the local negotiations in the health and social services sector are:

  • The Labour Code – with a special system for public and parapublic sectors, which includes specific conditions for exercising the right to strike found in the provisions on essential services, bargaining in good faith, the right to representation and the mandatory deduction of union dues.
  • Chapter R-8.2 (Bill 37) – with the establishment of the general framework of negotiations, including that of the health and social services sector.
  • Chapter M-11 (Bill 160) – with its harsh penalties.
  • Chapter U-0.1 (Bill 30) – with the limit of a maximum of 4 groups of bargaining units per institution, the negotiation of the 26 local matters and the use of a mediator-arbitrator during the first local negotiations.
  • Chapter O-7.2 (Bill 10) – with shorter negotiation and mediation-arbitration deadlines (18 months).