FIQ (Fédération Interprofessionnelle de la santé du Québec)

Support Tool for Candidates to elected positions at the FIQ and FIQP

Fair representation of women in places of power at the FIQ and FIQP is an important issue for the organization. Several members and union reps expressed the need to have additional support in order to have enough confidence to run for and hold an elected position. In this context, the Status of Women Sector and Election Committee worked on a support tool for the candidates to meet this need and thus facilitate the nomination of women to elected positions at the FIQ and FIQP.  

Preparing your candidacy

This tool should be considered support for your candidacy. It is valid for all provincial committees of the Regroupement des FIQ and committees of the FIQ and FIQP: OHS, Youth, Status of Women, Education-Animation, Election, Union Defence Fund, Internal Audit Committee and the Executive Committee.

The questions are only suggestions: You are not obliged to answer all of them and you can add some questions or come up with your own. The example of the Status of Women Committee was chosen as a guideline. All of your answers will make up your introductory text. The latter must not be more than 180 words for a candidate for provincial and federation committees, except candidates for the Executive Committee of the FIQ and FIQP for which the introductory text must be no more than 360 words.


Your profession, workplace and number of years of experience.

Example of a text

I have been a licensed practical nurse at the Royal Victoria Hospital for 5 years. I previously worked at the CHSLD Bussey for 2 years.

Why are you applying for the X Committee?

How are you interested in the themes or work/activities of the committee in question? Specify one or more issues that are important to you and why. (It is suggested that you give at least 2 reasons.)

Example of a text
I am running for the Status of Women Committee because I really care about feminist issues. I have been affected by the movements for the disclosure of sexual aggression (#agressionnondénoncée) over the last few years and I find it unacceptable that those who are the victims of sexual violence are not always believed.

What do you want to do on this committee?

Are there files at the committee that you want to handle? Do you have one or more ideas for action that the committee could undertake and that you would like to see to conclusion?

Example of a text

I am concerned about the family-work-study balance file. As a healthcare professional, I am wondering about the possibility of improving our conditions on this issue. I believe that we need to work on installing daycare services in the workplaces.

What will your personal contribution be?

Do you have experiences, skills, qualities that you believe will enable you to add a worthwhile contribution to the team?

Example of a text

I am involved at work as a department pivot. And, my listening skills and determination will enable me to both integrate the team and bring the files to a successful conclusion.

Policy on the Fair Representation of Women in Positions of Power and Decision-Making

In June 2018, the FIQ and FIQP union representatives adopted a Policy on the Fair Representation of Women in Positions of Power. They wanted to stop a noticeable trend in recent years, the decrease in the participation of women in decision-making meetings (Conventions, Provincial Councils, etc.). By setting up support measures, the Policy aims to achieve the target of 75% of women participants.

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