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The APTS-FIQ alliance delegates rejected the government’s offers

The APTS-FIQ alliance delegates rejected the government’s offers

The 800 APTS-FIQ alliance union representatives unanimously voted to reject the Quebec government’s offers at the intersectoral bargaining table as part of negotiations to renew the collective agreement of the 131,000 members of the health and social services network.

“Our delegations were truly angered when the Conseil du trésor presented its insulting offers in December 2019. While the health and social services network is in an unprecedented state of crisis and employees are working themselves sick, barely able to provide safe, quality and accessible care and services, the government thinks it is appropriate to throw oil on the fire, further angering our members. Their reactions were scathing! Christian Dubé’s insulting offers were unanimously rejected by both delegations,” said the APTS and FIQ presidents, Andrée Poirier and Nancy Bédard.

As a symbolic demonstration of their discontent, the union reps gathered outside the National Assembly and shredded the government’s offers, sending the message that the offers weren’t worth more than the paper they were printed on.

“The government’s offers fall below its own forecasts for salary increases, revenues and household revenues. They even fall below inflation. It shows how little consideration the government has for the health and social services network employees. The message sent to the very bloodlife of the network, i.e., our members, is that they have no choice but to endure their intolerable working conditions and work themselves sick,” explained Ms. Poirier and Ms. Bédard.

But this is not about salaries alone. The government’s offers are just as pitiful, non-existent even, regarding crucial matters such as the retirement plan, parental rights, and regional disparities. In fact, the government doesn’t seem to want to deal with one of the network’s top problems: workforce recruitment and retention.

“It is the government’s duty to bring respectful offers to the bargaining table, offers that show recognition for the work that professionals and technicians in the health and social services network do. We want to make one thing clear to the president of the Conseil du trésor: we’re done working ourselves sick!” concluded the presidents.