Des ratios pour des soins humains

What has happened with the ratio projects conducted in Québec?

In 2018-2019, 16 ratios projects were conducted jointly with the employers in CHSLD-EPC, medicine, surgery, emergency and home support in different regions of Québec. The positive conclusions of the stakeholders involved, including the FIQ, all converge towards the pertinence of ratios, the need to continue and enlarge the implementation to ensure care safety and resolve the workforce problems.

The ratios projects reconciled the staff with the profession and fostered attraction and retention. We also saw among the staff:

  • More availability to work given the improved working and working life conditions
  • A feeling of safety at work
  • Less stress and exhaustion
  • More collaboration between colleagues
  • Fewer short-term absences and salary insurance in some projects, and greater intention to remain on the job

 In general, the projects have shown improved practice and significantly freed up the time necessary to give patients the required care:

  • Care/treatments given in the prescribed time
  • Patient and loved ones’ satisfaction
  • Progress notes
  • Care planning
  • Teaching
  • End-of-life patient management
  • Prevention of falls
  • Better assessment of the physical and mental condition
  • Patients and loved ones included in the care
  • In some projects, shorter hospital stays and fewer readmissions, and less time to receive care in emergency
  • Etc.

These changes can be seen in the positive comments of families, physicians, beneficiary attendants and other professionals (e.g.: social worker, nutritionist).

Ratios and negotiations 2020

As part of the ongoing negotiations with the government for the renewal of the healthcare professionals’ working conditions, the FIQ is demanding the rollout of healthcare professional-to-patient ratios in CHSLDs during the length of the collective agreement. For institutions without a CHSLD, the rollout will be in emergency or medicine-surgery centres of activities, based on the evaluation of the needs by the local parties.

On the strength of the experience from the ratios projects, the FIQ believes that this gradual implementation is not only possible, but also profitable in the short, medium and long term for the healthcare professionals and patients. It is a viable solution to the problems in the network.

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