Comité SST

OHS Network

Occupational health and safety is a major issue for healthcare professionals, but up until 2015, local OHS officers did not have a place where they could discuss their experiences—a place where they could acquire knowledge and tools and come together to find solutions to problems encountered in the field.

In 2014, the delegates adopted a recommendation at the Convention of the Federation in order to start a pilot project, which led to holding two editions of the Network of OHS Union Representatives in fall of 2015 and 2016.

As the 2017 Convention was held at the end of the year, the delegates at the Federal Council held in March 2017 also agreed to hold a 3rd edition of the Network of OHS Union Representatives during the year, as part of the same pilot project.

The FIQ will then conduct an evaluation to be shared with the delegates at the 2017 Convention, the goal being to eventually make the Network of OHS Union Representatives permanent and establish regular meeting times and a method of operating.

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