Congrès 2017

Denyse Joseph [Elected by acclamation]

VP Union Organizing, Education-Animation (FIQ)

McGill University Health Centre (Union of Nursing and Cardio-Respiratory Professionals of the MUHC (FIQ))

I am pleased to submit my candidacy for the position of Vice-President Union Organizing, Education-Animation on the FIQ Executive Committee.

A nurse since 1985, I began my career at the CHSLD de l’Outaouais. In 1987, I moved to the Montreal General Hospital (MGH), where I had the chance to work in several departments. That experience has given me an appreciation for the subtleties between care units.

Always concerned with equity, respecting rights and defending the healthcare professionals, I decided to get involved with my union in 1993. First, as a representative, then as president of the local union at the MGH, and afterwards sitting on the UNCRP-MUHC executive committee as grievance agent. Lastly, in 2014, I took over as president for our approximately 3,600 members.

During those 24 years, I have been involved in all the battles and major upheavals for both the union and healthcare network, including:

• raiding
• a strike
• closure of healthcare institutions
• merger of institutions and unions
• Bills 160, 30, 10 …
• local negotiations

I am fully prepared to face the next challenges and work with you to train the next generation of union representatives. This way we will pursue the battles for obtaining better working conditions for our members and a public healthcare network that measures up to what Quebecers deserve.

I am an energetic, dynamic and resilient woman. I believe in collaboration and team spirit. That is what makes us strong and united.

By submitting my candidacy for the FIQ Executive Committee, I am making my expertise, leadership and determination available to you and the 75,000 members of this great organization.
Voting for Denyse, is voting for expertise!
In Solidarity,

Denyse Joseph