Congrès 2017

Nancy Légaré

Internal Audit Committee (FIQ)

CHU de Québec (Syndicat interprofessionnel du CHU de Québec)

Dear union reps,

I am submitting my candidacy with interest and enthusiasm for the Internal Audit Committee. I am convinced that I am well-suited for this position because of my credibility and because the financial health of my Federation is very important to me.

I have been a licensed practical nurse since 1992. I am currently working in the Emergency Department at the CHU de Québec and I am the treasurer for the SICHU de Québec. I have been a union rep since 1997. In my twenty years of experience, I have carried out many duties, such as grievance agent, secretary and vice-president. I am also involved in various committees, including the Status of Women Committee, OHS Committee, Committee on Care and the local negotiating committee. More recently, I was part of the FIQ ad hoc treasury committee for the offer of services on the accounting software. The skills I have acquired over my many years of union activism gives me an exceptional overview on union life, on both the local and provincial level.

Because I feel I have all the qualities, skills and expertise necessary to meet this fine challenge, today I am seeking your support to elect me to the position on the Internal Audit Committee.

Thank you.

Seconded by:

Arianne Deschênes-Lavoie – CHU de Québec (Syndicat interprofessionnel du CHU de Québec)
Nancy Hogan – CHU de Québec (Syndicat interprofessionnel du CHU de Québec)