FIQ (Fédération Interprofessionnelle de la santé du Québec)

Régine Laurent will not seek a new mandate as president of the FIQ

Régine Laurent will not seek a new mandate as president of the FIQ

The president of the Fédération interprofessionnelle de la santé du Québec – FIQ, Régine Laurent, announced her decision to not seek a new mandate as president to the organization’s union representatives today. Ms. Laurent will remain in the position until the beginning of December when the FIQ Convention will be held. Hereafter is her statement :

This December, the FIQ will hold its Convention. A convention is an opportunity to elect the members of the Executive Committee of our organization. A little earlier this morning, I announced to the union representatives of the FIQ that I will not be seeking a new mandate as president of the FIQ. I am retiring, even if I am still not a grandmother!

Since I have been the president, my first concern has always been to make every effort to ensure a strong next generation. Today, I am sure that this generation exists and ready to take the reins of this wonderful labour organization. The strong position in which the FIQ sits, coupled with the presence of a strong next generation, tells me that this is an ideal time to pass on the torch.

With this in mind, all the Executive Committee has unanimously decided that the best person to continue the important mission of the FIQ is the current 4th vice-president, Nancy Bédard. For us, she is the face of the future and she is prepared to hold this position.

I want to directly address the healthcare professional members of the FIQ. Being your president is a really great gift in life. Every day, you do the work that, to me, is the most noble of all: care for and help people. You are the heart of the healthcare network. You are also the solution to many of its problems. Continue to fight for the place that is rightfully yours. Continue to fight for the patients and for yourselves.

But, I remind you that I haven’t left yet! And I will be doing my job for the next six months with the same enthusiasm.

Thank you.