Comité SST

About the OHS Committee

One of the OHS Committee’s main mandates is to help decide on and create the annual OHS theme and develop information tools for members in preparation for the annual OHS Week. The research and development of the theme takes into account healthcare professionals’ occupational health and safety issues and day-to-day reality. The Committee also proposes methods to encourage local teams and members to participate in activities held in health institutions.

Furthermore, one of the OHS committee members sits as an administrator on the board of directors of the Association paritaire pour la santé et la sécurité du travail du secteur affaires sociales (ASSTSAS).

Lastly, the OHS Committee may be called on to fulfil other mandates or start certain projects, such as holding the Network of OHS Union Representatives..

Members elected to the committee

Isabelle Audet
Emilie Brodeur
Patrice Dulmaine
Michael Potvin
Nathalie Thibault
Fannie Thivierge