Info-négo from the Federal Council on May 13 and 14, 2024 

Federal Council on May 13 and 14, 2024 : Resuming pressure tactics

At a special federal council on May 13 and 14, your union representatives discussed the next steps for the negotiations underway.


One of the first observations was that we can no longer talk about negotiations without taking the Dubé reform into account (Bill 15). In addition to turning the health network into a single employer, this reform will affect the structure of all labour organizations in Quebec. The delegation was invited to review the major health network reforms and their impacts on the FIQ structure over the decades, thus setting the table for what awaits us with the Dubé reform. Further discussions are planned in the coming weeks to closely monitor the reform’s deployment. Keep following us on all our platforms to learn more about this reform and its impacts on care conditions and your working conditions.


The Negotiating Committee also presented its progress report at the special federal council after bringing the five priorities the delegation identified on April 29, 2024 to the bargaining table. There are huge gaps separating the two parties on all of the points presented. Moreover, several of our questions went unanswered about the government’s demands regarding the issues of mobility and flexibility, as well as on its intention to review the notion of a centre of activities. The Negotiating Committee is waiting for a reply from the employer party on these matters.


Resuming work at the bargaining table means resuming pressure tactics to support the Negotiating Committee in its representations. The last special federal council was also an opportunity to update the mobilization plan. Given the chasm that remains between the parties at the table, we can expect negotiations to drag on, and the progress of our actions should be rolled out in consequence. So, to regularly remind the government of our demands, we will be carrying out visibility actions, surprise actions, and other pressure tactics in the coming months.


Feel free to reach out to your union representatives to stay informed and mobilized.

Your representatives in action