Info-négo No 25, 4 June 2024

My department, my expertise 

As previously announced, we have resumed pressure tactics in support of the Negotiating Committee, which returned to the table with five demands. The main issue is still the government’s demand for flexibility. We have to convince the government that not everything needs to go through the notion of a centre of activities, and that the mobility required to mitigate the lack of resources must be voluntary and respect your expertise in nursing and cardio-respiratory care.

We therefore invite you to join in the My department, my expertise campaign. It is a virtual campaign that aims to put a face to healthcare professionals and their expertise. In the coming weeks, your union representatives will lead photo and video taking initiatives in the various departments so that the government can see the faces of FIQ member healthcare professionals and so that it understands that it needs these 80,000 nurses, licensed practical nurses, respiratory therapists and clinical perfusionists if it wants to truly improve access to health care.