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Provincial and local OHS

Provincial and local OHS

Since you can’t really have one without the other, Network participants took time to reflect on how provincial and local occupational health and safety are connected.

For example, the Minister of Health and Social Services is currently working on an action plan intended to protect the health and safety of health network staff. According to the Minister, it should enable us to guarantee staff availability, as well as organizational performance, while improving the quality and safety of health care and social services. The action plan’s many complex targets will have a major impact on how OHS is perceived and organized, especially for local union teams. It is therefore extremely important to stay well-informed.

So, after reviewing the provincial OHS overview and incidents that may occur in work environments, participants were asked two questions: 1) what is the greatest prevention challenge in your institution? What initiatives and positive actions are you proud of? Some of the challenges mentioned included the smooth running of OHS joint committees, true union-management cooperation and developing a genuine culture of prevention. Some of the positive actions mentioned included developing work tools and innovative practices to solve problems.

It was a great opportunity to network and learn more about what is going on elsewhere.