FIQ (Fédération Interprofessionnelle de la santé du Québec)

At a turning point, the FIQ launches a publicity campaign

The recourse to private healthcare employment agencies has taken on a very disturbing dimension over the last several years and this tendency greatly concerns the FIQ. The issue of the recourse to private agencies goes much further than a question of union certification, it is rather the quality, continuity and safety of care that we must be most concerned about.

Thus, the Federation has launched a publicity campaign in order to make its members and the people of Quebec aware of this crucial issue. First, a television campaign will be in full force as of mid-February throughout Quebec. At first glance, the protagonist in the publicity seems to be a taxi dispatcher, until we notice that, in reality, he is distributing manpower in health-care institutions. The FIQ believes that it is right on target with its message. Everything must be done in order that care professionals do not become a labour force to be hired like the services of a taxi driver.

On February 22, in conjunction with the television publicity, a poster campaign will start. The people of Quebec will be exposed to this anti private healthcare employment agencies promotion whether on municipal buses or on the bill boards along the highways. The theme: "Private interests are profiting from public healthcare. The Ministry of Health is letting it happen. We’re all paying for it."

The situations have become untenable for its members and the actual bombardment of publicity from the private healthcare employment agencies has convinced the Federation and its delegates of the need to answer this publicity. Contrary to what the private agencies would lead you to believe, it is false to think that the personnel from the private sector are going "to save" the public health network and give a breather to the care professionals that are constantly confronted with a work overload.

The FIQ invites its members and the public to mobilize to stop the mushrooming of the private agencies in the public health network. It must always be remembered that it is the loyalty of the care professionals to the public health network and the development of a feeling of belonging to their institution which contributes to the quality, safety and continuity of care.