FIQ (Fédération Interprofessionnelle de la santé du Québec)

Beyond the trappings of the Coalition pour l’avenir du Québec

One must wonder if the arrival of new recycling bins in Montreal has inspired Legault et Sirois, as well as the other members of the Coalition, on the future of Quebec. Indeed, if the protection of the environment is a noble cause in itself, the fabrication of "new" basic recycled products is not necessarily synonymous with a reduction in pollution, on the contrary.

Thus, despite an attractive package which gives an impression of newness, the recipe presented by the duo of Legault-Sirois on February 21 remains entirely composed of recycled products which are unfortunately outdated. After, having gone through the 45 layers of vacuum-packed packaging (meaning), one quickly finds the common ground for the self proclaimed: Quebec would be motionless, incapable of meeting the challenges it faces, poor, morose and sick…

To cure it, Legault et Sirois, and those who have eagerly agreed to follow them, propose a complete set of solutions as innovative as the programming of the TV channel Prise 2 (airs old television programmes): lower taxes for the more fortunate, increase tuition fees, quickly repay the debt in the name of future generations, promote the creation of affluence, reduce the power of lobbying groups, etc. In short, as attested to by the Legault-Sirois group, programmes for the more wealthy and private enterprise need to be promoted to show political courage in 2011. Really?

On the contrary, I believe that the financial crisis that democratic institutions are currently experiencing is rather the fruit of too close proximity between the elected officials and the private sector, a marked imbalance in favour of the more fortunate who siphon off public funds to the detriment of the common good and the majority of the population. I believe that showing political courage in 2011 will involve proposing initiatives aimed at guaranteeing that more importance will be accorded to the common interest of the majority of the population.