FIQ (Fédération Interprofessionnelle de la santé du Québec)

“Let’s end the inhumane” The FIQ launches a hard-hitting television campaign

“Let’s end the inhumane” The FIQ launches a hard-hitting television campaign

To challenge the government and make the population aware, the Fédération interprofessionnelle de la santé du Québec–FIQ is continuing its hard-hitting campaign and launching a televised message with the theme “Let’s end the inhumane”. Driven by tough working conditions that affect the quality and safety of patient care, healthcare professionals are demanding that things change in the healthcare network.

“Healthcare professionals can’t take it any more; they have expressed heartfelt appeals for a long time now. The television campaign we are launching today is a reflection of being seriously fed up and they are at the heart of this message. “Let’s end the inhumane”, means giving the workers back their rights, treating them other than as numbers and letting them give care humanely. They will continue to speak and denounce as long as nothing changes, for themselves and above all for their patients. For the healthcare professionals to still be there tomorrow and because the reality in the field needs to be better understood, this campaign is necessary”, explained Nancy Bédard, president of the FIQ.

This crisis has acted as a revelation of the system’s shortcomings and we can see that the government isn’t listening to the healthcare professionals’ warnings and demands. They have had to work without the necessary protective equipment and the government legislated their working conditions through ministerial orders: the employer ends leaves, statutory holidays, and changes their schedule and the workplace where they are assigned. Many regions are now out of lockdown, but healthcare professionals’ rights are still being violated, which the FIQ is actively fighting. The healthcare professionals cannot work under this system forever, it’s inhumane.

“The healthcare professionals are giving their all, but they are at the point of breaking. If they continue to fall in battle, the entire population will suffer. The government must take the healthcare professionals’ warning signals seriously and retain the sustainable solutions we are proposing now”, stated Ms. Bédard.

The “Let’s end the inhumane” campaign will be aired on television, in the newspapers, on the Web and social media.