FIQ (Fédération Interprofessionnelle de la santé du Québec)

The government wants to devalue nurse clinician specialists, buyers and clinical sexologists

The government wants to devalue nurse clinician specialists, buyers and clinical sexologists

While labour organizations are satisfied with some of the agreements reached at the provincial jobs committee, they denounce the employer party’s bad faith in evaluating several job titles created a number of years ago. Despite an unprecedented labour shortage, the government is trying to depreciate the value of the nurse clinician specialist, buyer and clinical sexologist job titles.   

“We all know that workers are leaving the network in droves right now. And yet, the government is still moving ahead with proposals to reduce evaluation scores for nurse clinician specialists, buyers and clinical sexologists. The government’s bad faith is particularly obvious in that it is trying to reduce an evaluation that it had itself submitted to us in 2015,” declared the spokespeople for the FSSS-CSN, APTS, FIQ, FP-CSN, FSQ-CSQ, SCFP-FTQ, and the SQEES-FTQ.  

The unions’ collective agreements state that when a new job title is created, it is added to the list of job titles with a temporary ranking until a joint agreement is reached regarding its evaluation. These agreements are extremely important because the rankings determine the salary scale for job titles based on their responsibilities. When there is no agreement on the evaluation, then an arbitration decision must be made.  

In recent months, the sexologist, clinical sexologist, buyer, executive assistant, and nurse clinician specialist job titles were evaluated by the provincial jobs committee. While an agreement was reached on the evaluation of the executive assistant and sexologist job titles, details on how the salary adjustments will be made have yet to be determined. As for the buyer, clinical sexologist and nurse clinician specialist job titles, they will go to arbitration.  

“Clearly predominantly female jobs are once again getting a raw deal and it’s unacceptable. Public network workers need more recognition, not less,” concluded the labour organizations.