FIQ (Fédération Interprofessionnelle de la santé du Québec)

The last employer offers unanimously rejected : The healthcare professionals are furious! 

The last employer offers unanimously rejected : The healthcare professionals are furious! 

Meeting in a special federal council, your union representatives learned about the most recent offers submitted by the employer party. These offers, that the delegation unanimously rejected, included nothing to promote bringing the parties closer together. Quite the opposite, if the government’s intention was to stir up the healthcare professionals’ anger, they couldn’t have done a better job. 

It increased its salary offer, which would now be 10.3% over 5 years. It’s clearly insufficient to offset the rising cost of living. Nurses, licensed practical nurses, respiratory therapists and clinical perfusionists need much bigger salary increases because inflation is affecting everyone.

Moreover, there is nothing in the filing about implementing safe ratios or for eliminating mandatory overtime. The government is also maintaining its idea of wanting to be able to move you anywhere, any time, any how and even to make you work 16 consecutive hours, with no respect for your professional judgment or your personal life, as if you are an  interchangeable pawn. This is far from being the employer of choice that the government alleges they want to become. 

Heading towards a strike 

With the rejection of these offers, and on the strength of 95% support for strike action, there is nothing to stop us holding our first two days of strike on November 8 and 9, 2023. We suggest you contact your union team which will be setting up a rotating strike schedule, according to the percentage of essential services to maintain on your centre of activities.

During these two days, your union representatives will be in the field to ensure the smooth running of the strike. They will be wearing a “Strike Team” cap so you will be able to find them quickly in case of need.  

How to behave with your colleagues from other labour organizations who are also on strike 

As you know, the FIQ is not the only organization to have announced one or more days of strike. On November 6, the labour organizations in the Common Front will hold their first day of strike. On that day, show your support for them, don’t cross their picket line and refuse to do any tasks that they usually do. Visit this page to learn more about the attitude to have during a strike

Your representatives in action