2024 Healthcare Professional Month — Standing strong against all odds: let’s celebrate our healthcare professionals!

Julie Bouchard
31 May 2024

It is with immense pride and deep respect that I address you at the end of this 2024 Healthcare Professional Month. Since 2005, the month of May has been dedicated to the recognition of the healthcare professionals’ work and expertise, and it is crucial to point out the essential role that you play in the health network. Your dedication, expertise and humanity make you indispensable pillars in our healthcare system.

Healthcare Professional Month is not only an opportunity to celebrate your accomplishments, but also to make the public and our partners aware of the importance of your daily contribution. This year, our theme, “Standing strong against all odds”, highlights the invaluable impact of your work on the health and well-being of our communities.

This slogan perfectly illustrates the reality of your jobs that are often done in difficult contexts and also highlights the challenges we face during the difficult negotiations for better working conditions. You remain steadfast, courageous and resilient in the face of obstacles, and your perseverance is an inspiration to us all.

On May 5, we celebrated Licensed Practical Nurses’ Day. As licensed practical nurses, you are often the first to offer direct care to patients, ensuring their comfort and safety with remarkable skill. Your ability to combine technical skills with compassion is a valuable asset to our healthcare system.

On May 12, Nurses’ Day, we paid tribute to all the nurses whose perseverance is one of the pillars of our health institutions. You deliver care with a clinical expertise and humanity that touches every patient you meet. Your role is immeasurable and your dedication unrivalled.

On May 19, Respiratory Therapists’ Day reminded us of the importance of those who look after the respiratory health of our patients. As respiratory therapists, you play a crucial role in respiratory care management, helping to save lives in critical situations. Your expertise and calm under pressure are essential to the efficient running of our intensive care and emergency services.

Lastly, on May 26, we celebrated Clinical Perfusionists’ Day. Your specialized work in perfusion, essential in operating rooms and intensive care units, demonstrates the advanced precision and technical knowledge that are vital for complex surgical procedures. Your expertise contributes directly to the success of even the most delicate medical care.

By holding these recognition days, the FIQ wishes to acknowledge the commitment and excellence of each healthcare professional. Your work is essential, and it is our duty to recognize, celebrate and support it.

I would like to thank you all for your unwavering dedication and passion for health care. Together, we will continue to improve our healthcare system for the benefit of all.