FIQ (Fédération Interprofessionnelle de la santé du Québec)

Pay equity audit posting: the government’s results are disappointing 

Pay equity audit posting: the government’s results are disappointing 

On December 20, 2023, three years late, after union protests, including the FIQ’s, and reprimands from the CNESST, the Treasury Board finally posted the results of the pay equity audit for 2015 to 2020.

This step is important in the pay equity maintenance process because the posting constitutes the employer’s response to the various events that occurred between 2015 and 2020 that could influence the value of jobs.

However, the document is disappointing because even though the government received approximately 1,000 questions and observations from labour organizations, it claims that none of them justify pay adjustments. Instead, it just lists the basic information stipulated in the Pay Equity Act. As such, according to the government analysis, no predominantly female profession is entitled to pay adjustments within the 2015-2020 pay equity audit.

In the coming weeks, the FIQ will analyze this posting in detail, draw up comments and send them to the Treasury Board. The ad hoc committee on pay equity maintenance, made up of representatives from the nurse, licensed practical nurse, specialized nurse practitioner, respiratory therapist and clinical perfusionist job titles will participate in this process.

All health network employers are obligated to make this document available to their employees, to make it visible in the workplace, whether that be on the intranet or on bulletin boards. If you don’t have access to this document, it is important that you contact your union team.

Upcoming steps

A progress report will be presented to the delegates at the FIQ Federal Council.

Until February 18, 2024 (60 days): The FIQ team analyzes the first posting and prepares comments, questions and observations. During this period, a meeting will be held with the members of the ad hoc committee on pay equity maintenance to keep them informed and gather their feedback.

From February 18 to March 18, 2024 (30 days): The Secretariat of the Treasury Board will analyze the labour organizations’ comments on the first posting.

Around March 18, 2024: The Treasury Board will issue a new posting on the pay equity audit, which must stipulate any changes made to the initial posting or indicate that no change was necessary based on its analysis.

March 18 to May 18, 2024: The FIQ team will analyze the results of the new posting.

Around May 18, 2024: The deadline for filing complaints for all job titles represented by the FIQ, if necessary. If complaints are filed, the process will begin with the CNESST and the competent judicial authorities.