FIQ (Fédération Interprofessionnelle de la santé du Québec)

Sectors and Services

The sectors and services rely on employees with a wide-range of expertise, enabling the Federation to meet the needs of its affiliated unions, union reps and members.

Labour Relations

The FIQ provides ongoing support to its affiliated unions in their duty to represent healthcare professionals. Moreover, the FIQ’s Labour Relations union consultants, Research Team and attorneys ensure its members’ rights are properly defended:

  • Before the employer
  • In grievance arbitration
  • Before the CNESST
  • Before the Administrative Labour Tribunal
  • Before professional orders

The FIQ negotiates and concludes collective agreements with the government on behalf of its members. It fights to improve working conditions for healthcare professionals, to gain recognition of the value of their work, to maintain pay equity and to uphold the population’s right to health care.

It speaks on behalf of and defends its members’ demands not only at the bargaining table, but at collective tables and with working committees.

Status of Women

The Status of Women Sector works at every level of the FIQ’s structure and takes into account the transversal nature of inequality. It uses feminist analyses to address the various issues related to working conditions and women’s lives, and builds solidarity, in coalitions, with other unions and women’s groups to fight for broader demands.


The Communication Service ensures that the FIQ’s voice rings loud and clear at the local, regional, and provincial levels. The FIQ uses a range of platforms to inform its members of its stances on issues and on the actions it takes. From writing to translation, this service communicates the Federation’s messages in print, online (web, social media) and through traditional media.

The FIQ also provides union reps with ongoing support for communications strategies, especially for media relations.

Organization of Work and Professional Practice

The FIQ works and intervenes in the organization of work and takes particular interest in professional practice issues. It strives to ensure that healthcare professionals can develop their full potential and exercise their full range of practice. The FIQ is the driving force behind obtaining and rolling out safe healthcare professional-to-patient ratios.


The FIQ develops intervention strategies in line with its mission to create social change and improve the living and working conditions of its members. It assesses political, social and economic topics especially those related to the healthcare and social services sector.

The FIQ strives to spark reflection among union reps, anticipates governmental initiatives to influence political decisions, and facilitates solidarity practice development.

Union Organizing Service

As an organization that raises collective awareness and exerts pressure for change, the FIQ encourages its members to actively engage in union life. It helps its affiliated unions and local institution teams organize and implement mobilization initiatives.

Internal Services

The FIQ provides union reps with logistical services, namely in terms of IT, storage (at decision-making meetings) and mobilization material

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Occupational Health and Safety

The FIQ works to bring visibility to all risks inherent in its members’ workplace and eliminate these dangers at the source. It intervenes in situations involving the preventive reassignment of pregnant or breast-feeding workers, professional burnout and back pain. It takes preventive action and supports rehabilitation in the event of an incident that could not be prevented.

Social security

The FIQ’s interventions aim to defend members’ rights and interests, ensuring they have a more financially stable retirement and that they are covered in the event of a disability. The FIQ also negotiates an affordable, advantageous group insurance plan that reflects the needs of the majority of its members.


The Education-Animation Service has a mission to develop and offer its union reps training programs that build the knowledge, skills, and attitudes required to take on the responsibilities in their roles as representatives. Moreover, the service also strives to promote deeper understanding of sociopolitical issues, especially those that concern women.

To achieve these objectives, the service collaborates with the FIQ’s sectors and services to design and offer these training programs.