FIQ (Fédération Interprofessionnelle de la santé du Québec)

Panel of Executive Committee members

At the Women’s Network, the members of the Status of Women Committee interviewed Executive Committee members Nancy Bédard, Shirley Dorismond and Denyse Joseph to learn about their career paths as women, healthcare professionals and union activists. It was a very inspiring moment that taught us more about who they are as women, their personal and collective struggles, family-work-personal life balance, as well as their challenges…

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The mental load: an obstacle to getting involved?

The mental load is the invisible work that goes into organizing household and family tasks. It’s not the execution of the task itself but rather the thought process required to accomplish it, including planning visits to the doctor or registering children for school. In general, women carry most of the mental load. Moreover, it becomes even heavier for women when they have their first child.…

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30th anniversary of the Morgentaler ruling: abortion today, here and abroad

This year, we are celebrating 30 years since the decriminalization of abortion in Canada, thanks to the Morgentaler ruling, which overturned provisions in the Criminal Code on abortion. Despite this historical celebration, the right to abortion remains vulnerable in Canada, especially since the Canadian Conservative Party regularly brings it up in debate. The ability to plan births allows women to better balance the different stages…

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Toward a policy that represents and unites us

Since its foundation, the FIQ has identified as a feminine and feminist organization with a 90% female workforce. With the reforms in the last several years and the rise in populist ideologies (e.g., in the U.S.), we have noticed a decrease in the number of women getting involved in the Federation. To change this, the union reps at the network meeting on February 21 and…

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