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In order to promote democratic life and the participation of all the members in the organization, and with a goal of facilitating navigation of the FIQ web site, this section includes all the information, publications and documents that have been translated for the English-speaking members.

  • 2016-06-23
    Le blogue de la présidente

    Why should we fight against the Trans-Pacific Partenership (TPP)

    TPP = TO POISON THE PUBLIC (SECTOR) These days, we talk a lot about the budget cutbacks in the institutions and their devastating effects on the healthcare network. In this last entry before summer vacations, I will be talking to you about another issue, which on the face of it, may seem rather...

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  • FIQ en Action, volume 29, no 3

    FIQ en Action, volume 29, no 3

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  • FIQ Express, volume 10, no 12, 16-06-16

    FIQ Express, volume 10, no 12, 15-06-16

    • The collective agreement has been signed!
    • OIIAQ Convention – “Caring humanely”
    • The FIQ is proud of its actions in Abitibi-Témiscamingue
    • A devastating report from the Commissioner of Health and Wellbeing
    • The FIQ says STOP the TPP!
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  • 2016-06-09
    Le blogue de la présidente

    Healthcare professionals will quickly see their working conditions improve

    Although a tentative agreement was reached between the FIQ and the government of Quebec last December regarding the new collective agreement, the difficult task remained of finalizing the texts in order for them to respect the spirit of this agreement and for all parties in attendance to approve of...

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  • 2016-05-27
    Le blogue de la présidente

    At a crossroads

    The Minister of Health doesn’t seem to understand, despite the alarm bells going off on all sides that he can never get his reform to succeed without establishing meaningful dialogue with the different stakeholders in the network, with all the friendliness, respect and listening required for this...

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