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In order to promote democratic life and the participation of all the members in the organization, and with a goal of facilitating navigation of the FIQ web site, this section includes all the information, publications and documents that have been translated for the English-speaking members.

  • FIQ Express, vol. 8, no 15

    FIQ Express, vol. 8, no 15

    • End of the raiding period
    • Nearly 65,000 members! The FIQ comes out of the last period for changing union allegiance bigger
    • CSSS de la Matapédia: Daniel Gilbert congratulated the healthcare professionals for once again having confidence in the FIQ to represent them
    • Fierté Montréal 2014 (Montreal Pride) : The FIQ will participate in the famous parade
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  • 2014-08-07
    Le blogue de la présidente

    I am very proud of what we have accomplished!

    I am addressing this note to the FIQ union representatives who waged an exemplary campaign during the change of union allegiance period which has just ended. This period for changing union allegiance, like all the other ones, was not easy. However, if raiding can be exhausting and cause a lot of...

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  • FIQ Express, vol. 8, no 14

    FIQ Express, vol. 8, no 14

    • The Executive Committee members continue their tour throughout Québec
    • Régine Laurent visits the Lower St. Lawrence
    • Group prescriptions: the government must apply the law
    • President’s last blog
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  • 2014-07-23
    Le blogue de la présidente

    Reduction of reliance on independent labour – Don’t say just anything!

    There is no place in the labour movement for demagogy and lies. While the rigour of Quebec unions is the best gauge of their success, demagogy is probably their worst energy. This is why I feel obliged to intervene today in a debate that should have been constructive, beneficial and necessary –...

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  • FIQ Express, vol. 8, no 13

    FIQ Express, vol. 8, no 13

    • Tour of institutions around the province!
    • The President of the FIQ visits the Mauricie, Centre-du-Québec and Outaouais regions
    • The SPSQ and the FIQ denounce the situation in Kamouraska.
    • The healthcare professionals of the Syndicat des professionnelles en santé (SPS) du CSSS Vaudreuil- Soulanges (FIQ) say no to the new CLSC’s parking prices.
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