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In order to promote democratic life and the participation of all the members in the organization, and with a goal of facilitating navigation of the FIQ web site, this section includes all the information, publications and documents that have been translated for the English-speaking members.

  • FIQ en Action - Special Federa Council of November 11 and 12

    FIQ en Action - Special Federa Council of November 11 and 12

    • Mobilized for the final sprint of our negotiations
    • A government impatient to finish
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  • Le Réseau des femmes, vol. 12, no 2

    Women's Network Bulletin, volume 12, no 2

    October, 2015
    Theme: "Being empowered: strategy, solidarity, action!"

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  • FIQ Express, vol. 9, no 21

    FIQ Express, vol. 9, no 21

    • Health affects everyone!
    • Demonstrations in front of the Liberal MNA’s offices
    • 24 hour vigil in front of the premier’s office
    • My first job
    • Special Federal Council on Negotiations
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  • 2015-11-03
    Le blogue de la présidente

    Thank you Ms Fortin

    A few weeks ago, the healthcare professionals received some strong support. The comedian, Marie-Thérèse Fortin, concerned with the condition of our public healthcare system and herself the mother of a future nurse, launched a petition in which she asks the Québec people to stand up and to refuse...

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  • 2015-11-02

    My first job

    When a young nurse, licensed practical nurse, respiratory therapist or perfusionist enters the labour market, she comes with baggage, knowledge, know-how and life skills which are her own. What she knows about the professional environment, which will now be hers, may be limited or seem to her to be...

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