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In order to promote democratic life and the participation of all the members in the organization, and with a goal of facilitating navigation of the FIQ web site, this section includes all the information, publications and documents that have been translated for the English-speaking members.

  • FIQ Express, vol. 8, no 17

    FIQ Express, vol. 8, no 17

    • Upcoming negotiations: members of the executive committee of the Federation will meet with Martin Coiteux, President of the Conseil du trésor
    • CONSULTATIONS ON THE NEGOTIATIONS: The consultations will continue
    • Eddy Savoie, an unexpected ally for the FIQ
    • OHS 2014 theme: Prevention outlook / Team outlook, Moving towards collaborACTION
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  • 2014-09-08
    Le blogue de la présidente

    A baron in his golden years: An unexpected ally

    Since the creation of our organization, we have always been careful to repeatedly stress the profound inconsistency between two objectives, albeit commendable. Wanting to make money is not a bad thing, we agree. Everyone, in their own way, seeks to improve their lot in life and have more financial...

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  • 2014-09-02

    Prevention Outlook/Team Outlook, Moving towards collaborACTION

    The care team’s report, wrapping up its shift, points to another very busy day of work for their relief on the next shift. The various tasks to perform are similar to the obstacles to overcome during mountain climbing. .Turnover on the unit beyond its capacity, a considerable number of...

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  • FIQ Express, vol. 8, no 16

    FIQ Express, vol. 8, no 16

    • Massive cuts at CSSS Haut-Richelieu-Rouville: The SPSHRR mobilizes
    • Infection Control Handbook:A new version is available
    • Montreal Pride 2014 : The FIQ participated in the famous parade
    • The FIQ attends the Peoples’ Social Forum in Ottawa
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  • FIQ Express, vol. 8, no 15

    FIQ Express, vol. 8, no 15

    • End of the raiding period
    • Nearly 65,000 members! The FIQ comes out of the last period for changing union allegiance bigger
    • CSSS de la Matapédia: Daniel Gilbert congratulated the healthcare professionals for once again having confidence in the FIQ to represent them
    • Fierté Montréal 2014 (Montreal Pride) : The FIQ will participate in the famous parade
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