FIQ (Fédération Interprofessionnelle de la santé du Québec)

Negotiations – The message for Mr. Dubé, Mr. Legault and Ms. Lebel: “There’s a limit!” 

Negotiations – The message for Mr. Dubé, Mr. Legault and Ms. Lebel: “There’s a limit!” 

The Fédération interprofessionnelle de la santé du Québec–FIQ and the 80,000 healthcare professionals it represents are speaking with one voice to send a clear message to Mr. Dubé, Mr. Legault and Ms. Lebel regarding the current negotiations: “There’s a limit!” “The health network’s survival under the current working conditions can no longer rely solely on its workers, including healthcare professionals. Furthermore, the government has made all kinds of questionable comments over the last few days and is being asked to show a little more restraint. Negotiations are supposed to take place at the bargaining table, not in public with false accusations and preposterous statements. “There’s a limit!” The issues at stake are too important and we hope to see the government adopt a more respectful attitude toward those who work in the health network,” said Julie Bouchard, FIQ President. 

A clear, strong slogan 

With this slogan that will be used throughout the negotiations, the message couldn’t be clearer. “Healthcare professionals have been stretching the elastic for long enough. For years now, the notion of a ‘calling’ has been used to hide poor management and a lack of political will. As if healthcare professionals’ passion for their profession and patients means they will put up with anything. There’s a limit,” continued Julie Bouchard, FIQ President. 

The government in power, the CAQ, needs to finally take concrete action to keep the health network alive and its employees healthy. It is no longer up to healthcare professionals to carry the weight of years of budget cuts and reforms. “Our members will no longer accept pretty words and promises. They want to see improvements to their working and salary conditions. They want to restore balance between their professional and personal lives, which is completely legitimate after so many sacrifices,” insisted Ms. Bouchard. 

Only four dates for the government 

The FIQ has been ready to discuss these issues at the bargaining table since November 7, 2022. It has put 60 solutions on the table. It proposed 28 dates for negotiations and the employer party only agreed to four. The FIQ invites the government to pick up the pace and to sit at the appropriate place: the bargaining table. “Negotiating in public and attacking the good will of the FIQ and its members won’t solve the problems in the health network, quite the opposite,” concluded the president. 

To read the FIQ’s 60 demands, visit: fiqsante.qc.ca/en/nego