FIQ (Fédération Interprofessionnelle de la santé du Québec)

Units left behind, as offers come up short

Units left behind, as offers come up short

We will continue to step up mobilization actions, like the ones you’ve taken part in over the past few weeks, until we reach a negotiated agreement that significantly improves working conditions for all the healthcare professionals we represent.

At the bargaining table, the government has shown little interest in the proposals healthcare professionals have made to improve the healthcare network. To date, employer offers remain grossly inadequate in sectors with high media visibility, and empty for all other sectors.

Publicly, the same message is being sent: last week the premier of Quebec took to social media to call for greater flexibility in collective agreements. As if healthcare professionals haven’t been doing enough, for years—day, evening, night, weekends.

Faced with this attitude, a strike seems inevitable if we want to gain real improvements to our working conditions, and we will continue our efforts to meet all the necessary conditions to, as of the fall, hold our general assemblies on the vote to strike.

Until then, continue to support your Negotiations Committee by participating in actions organized by your local team. Remember that the main objective of these actions is to give the committee representing you the leverage it needs to obtain gains at the bargaining table.